3 Property Preservation Tactics That Will Help You Win in 2019

Property Preservation Tactics

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3 Property Preservation Tactics designed for your success.

As you read this post think of how these property preservation tactics if applied would help your business.

  1. OrganizationProperty Preservation can be slow or full speed ahead. Oftentimes it is hard to stay organized on the road, in the truck, in the shop, at the office.For 2 weeks I watched disorganization in the morning among the employees. No one had a clue what was what, who was driving what, or what to take along. Well that gets pretty pricey when you are carrying a dozen or so employees on payroll so you need to find solutions, quickly preferably. One solution was to organize the vehicles every morning during which time a manager would read off who was doing what with who and what they were driving. Can you imagine this improvement? Now it is really not feasible to have 13 people on payroll for an hour organizing even though it does save in the long run, the more suitable solution was to have a single person do this each evening. They would organize the vehicles, and put the work orders together and get GPS’s set up and gas tanks filled.Property Preservation Tactics
  2. Efficiency – It is hard to be efficient when you are being pulled all over the place. Like us we covered 5 states so it was nothing to see a job hundreds of miles away while I have 200 right here. You have to know how to adapt to be efficient. While 30 miles out of the way may not seem logical in the bigger picture it is especially when its a job that don’t pay much.YOU WON’t ME THERE LONG. A great route planning tool that allows you to see proximity to each other is BatchGeo . The more you work towards efficiency the better your bottom line will be. Organization and Efficiency are 2 of the biggest reasons for call backs. You may have what you need, but going through a whole truck seems less appealing and driving 10-15 miles where you know for sure they have it. That trip costs you an hour and a half at your labor rate for something you should be able to grab.
  3. Less is better. When you want to make money you take on less work orders. Why? Focus on what needs done and bid it, use the cost estimator whether you agree with it or not and get the job. You will spend more time arguing price than showing the cost estimator supporting your bid. Spend more time on every house and you will bank roll more than if you went through 100 houses a day. Remember these people want you to get the house ready to be conveyed or sold.

Use these property preservation tips to your financial advantage. Gain more profitable work when you can demonstrate to companies you know what you are going and you are efficient and organized.

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