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Preservation Watch Approach to the Industry

Property Preservation is something Preservation Watch takes a leadership step approach to educating property preservation contractors. Our leadership approach has been effective in education of contractors, reform of cost estimation software, contractor licensing requirements and more. We lead our students into success with our approach to conducting good legitimate business. We educate contractors on being successful in property preservation. Your customer is only right when they are paying you.Property Preservation

Our Story of Property Preservation

Preservation Watch has spent several years in property preservation. We have worked with Nationals such as Asset Management Specialists, Asserro24, National Field Representatives, Safeguard Properties, Mortgage Contracting Specialists, LPS, Service Link, National Field Network and more…

Preservation Watch has no affiliation to any property preservation companies and spent several years as a boots on the ground contractor. Our approach has always been hands on and direct and we educate our members accordingly. Our position of the property preservation industry is one of deceit. One where a contractor is expected to front money to a bank that will try every which way in the end to not pay for the work or use a national for a mouthpiece. Our belief is that the system is corrupted and allows hack contractors and companies to operate illegally in the states it conducts business in. This is allowed by the banks that are listed on your work order as well as the government that receives complaints for non payment and no action. These companies will have you a sign an agreement that will not allow you to exercise your rights as a contractor but even though they have broken the contract they expect you to allow them to enforce theirs.

Our Education and training reflects current guidelines, pricing, contractor requirements and most importantly safety. I have had 2 of my family die at work. These were both people that woke up told their family they loved them and left for work to never return home. The reality is that people die at work from unsafe work conditions, improper training, and performing work they are not licensed for. Likewise, I have had an uncle that allowed a guy he knew was an employee fall off a roof and die. He failed to protect that EMPLOYEE by failing to provide him with the proper PPE and training for the work he was doing. My uncle was fined by OSHA for this and I think more should’ve happened. The fact is without proper training you are crossing a fine line. I have experienced first hand a young electrician not trained “think he was helping someone” reach up and grab ahold of a live wire with 480V running to it. 20 years old. Gone.


Our Principles in Property Preservation



Safe work environments and implementation of Right to Know on work orders


Transparency in contracts and pricing. Transparency in property preservation payments.


Reformation of the property preservation industry. Compliance with Contractor Licensing requirements


On site presence.

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InspectorDanger is a property preservation contractor focused on the reform of national property preservation companies and Hud Property Preservation guidelines. Preservation Watch is a property preservation forum that allows for contractors to report on property preservation training, property preservation payment issues, and everyday property preservation issues. Preservation Watch offers real life and real time property preservation experiences and advice on scaling up a property preservation business to 6 and 7 figures. InspectorDanger maintains anonymity due to nature of the content provided. The name InspectorDanger is fitting for the editor in chief as the primary goal of Preservation Watch is to educate, and expose the crooks in property preservation.