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Property Preservation Companies to lookout for!

Property Preservation Companies in the United StatesProperty preservation companies, be on the lookout for them! They’re everywhere and they are hacking up homes one by one. These  preservation companies hire contractors off craigslist to have them put roofs on, paint over mold (YES! PAINT OVER MOLD), clean houses out and repair “hazards.”

Below is a list of preservation companies you should investigate prior to entering into property preservation. This list of property preservation vendors at the time of editing were not licensed for the work they perform nationwide. Most every state in the continental U.S. requires some degree of licensing for the many different tasks performed. The property preservation companies will attempt to shift the responsibility to the property preservation contractor. At least in 9 states we contacted, the national property preservation company must be licensed as a general contractor even though they claim to be employing you as a subcontractor.


Property Preservation companies operating illegally

Property Preservation Companies know of damages and hazards in these homes and fail to disclose them. There are serious concerns associated with the inspections as well as other work orders these companies perform, and some of the unlicensed contractors they subcontract. You should always do your due diligence in investigating the contract. Investigate your relationship within that contract. Oftentimes it is difficult to read whether you will become an employee after penning your name but in all instances the best advice is to have the contract reviewed by an attorney in your state.

Make certain that Attorney is aware of employment law, and IRS SS-8 as well as the requirements that the IRS places on companies to properly classify an independent contractor. Your attorney should have some expertise in labor laws, and contract law. Property preservation usually flies beneath the radar since most all of the work and inspections that are ordered no one knows about other than maybe a few neighbors and the property preservation companies ordering the work.

Licensing isn’t everything but when dealing with someones safety it sure goes a long way.

Property Preservation Companies in the United States
Proper licensing is a step in the safe direction.

Your safety should always be priority one! Property preservation companies also known as your employer have an obligation to keep you safe. OSHA requires your employer follows the general duty clause. OSHA requires employees are protected from recognized hazards, and have PPE available to them. FYI, Lead Based Paint is a Recognized Hazard. Lead Based Paint can be found many places, including the windows you are re-glazing, siding, windows are a few areas lead based paint can cause harm to you. Mold is a recognized hazard, and proper PPE must be provided.

 Trumps Darkest Secret

Property Preservation companies operating without licensing?

This list of property preservation companies is by no means all inclusive there are millions of hacks nationwide working on your next home.

Mortgage Contracting Services LLC

National Field Representatives


Taylor and Sons Services

Encore Preservation LLC

you can reach them by contacting Taylor and Sons we suspect it has to do with Taylors payment issues, similar to when they ran Phoenix Preservation. 

M&M Mortgage Services

Wells Fargo Property Preservation

Wells Fargo Property Preservation Wells Fargo Bank Owned Homes List









Assurant Field Asset Services

Safeguard Properties

Caliber Home Loans




Property Preservation Companies are not on the up and up

While there is plenty property preservation  in the United States there will always be a need to stand up for what is right for yourself, and your family. These property preservation companies are out for one thing and that is to turn a profit at your expense. These property preservation companies will have chasing your tail as far as you are willing to go all the while operating illegally. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Everyday nationwide property preservation companies are seeking vendors to complete work for them. The thing most vendors do not understand is that they will not be paid by these national property preservation companies. The property preservation vendor will sign up and sign an illegal and broken contract, foot the bill for the work and then be out several weeks later.

Anyone considering work with a property preservation company should start a search on the internet for that companies name and the term “ripoff” after it. Also you can search for the companies name and find good information like we did in reporting Aggate Construction, an Illegal and Unlicensed Property Preservation Company that admits to hacking up homes in the United States.

My contact with Nick at Aggate Construction was short and sweet. He told me not to contact him again unless, I wanted to do property preservation work. I kept it classy and refrained from telling him I do not work for scamming property preservation companies or illegal “general” contractors.

You can read a great property preservation companies review of Aggate Construction in this post.


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