20 Property Preservation Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Contractors

Property Preservation Hacks
Abandoned House With Boarded Up Windows

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Property Preservation Hacks are not always about the work they perform. Sometimes these property preservation hacks are in place to help you or keep you out of trouble so it is safe to say the least, there are 2 kinds of preservation hacks. The ones that some contractors have to follow after and some that add value to your property preservation business.

Here’s 20 Property Preservation Hacks for your Property Preservation Business

Property Preservation Hacks
Abandoned House With Boarded Up Windows
  1. Never STEAL. (You will get caught)
  2. Do the work you are paid to do (you will get charged back or caught if you do not)
  3. Properly Winterize the property. (make sure there is no water in the system or tank, that simple)
  4. Never let the neighbors or anyone in the house. (this can be a liability to you)
  5. Don’t Dump Stuff improperly (You will get caught)
  6. Never underestimate a property or the work you may need to do (so be prepared)
  7. Do not SMOKE in properties (You will get caught when you least expect it)
  8. Do not leave grass clippings (it reflects poorly on your work ethic)
  9. NEVER lie to your client (always be honest about due dates)
  10. Don’t talk to people about why you are at properties (this is part of debt collection)
  11. Always file a police report in cases of theft or vandalism (you avoid liability)
  12. NEVER use plexiglass to reglaze a window
  13. NEVER leave a roof leaking (always make sure to call from site and document the call, screen shot and save it)
  14. Always be prepared for vehicle or equipment breakdowns.
  15. Always check for copper and wires (report any missing and file police report immediately)
  16. Never leave a property frozen. (always call and document as above)
  17. NEVER leave a house with a flooded basement (always call from site and document it)
  18. Always works safely and stay in communication with someone
  19. Never take call backs personal.
  20. ALWAYS read the entire work order

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