Property Preservation Services Why you NEED Them Now?

Property Preservation Services

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What Are Property Preservation Services?

A wide range of services are associated with the handling and managing of real estate. These include property preservation services. A consumer may wonder what exactly are property preservation services? These services offer a variety of specific tasks undertaken on behalf of a property owner.

Who Uses Property Preservation Services?

Property Preservation Services

Banks and other financial institutions are the primary users of these types of property containment or property preservation services. These institutions utilize these services on properties that are involved with the foreclosure process or for some other reason have ended up in a bank owned status. Oftentimes, these properties are vacant and subject to damage and waste without these types of preservation services. Private customers use property preservation services and a great way to learn to market those services to those customers is

Securing of Property

One of the primary types of services provided is the securing of the premises. Vacant property is attractive to individuals who are engaging in inappropriate activity on the premises. Securing property includes initially making sure the premises are locked and protected. This part of preservation services also includes ongoing monitoring to ensure that the property remains secure.

Debris Removal and Cleaning

A common reality associated with a property that has ended up in the foreclosure process is that the owner who lost the premises ends up leaving the property in a major state of shambles full of debris. An owner oftentimes leaves an incredible amount of trash and other debris behind.

Preservation services usually provide assistance in removing all debris from the property. In addition, these service providers also complete thorough cleaning. Moreover, these services provide regular cleaning as a vacant property does accumulate dust and debris even though it is not occupied.


Depending on the location of a particular property, a primary task of a preservation service is winterizing the premises. Absent this type of service, significant damage can occur to the premises. Among those issues is broken pipes which can result in water damage at the property.

Lawn and Ground Maintenance

Another obligation of a preservation service is maintaining the lawn, surrounding a property. This is necessary to keep the property in a show condition appropriate for viewing by potential buyers and to keep the premises in compliance with local codes and regulations. Some of these tasks are undertaken on a seasonal-basis and may include snow shoveling and plowing during wintertime months, depending on the geographic location of the property.

If you are planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, consider a company that will look after it while you are away. It is on one hand a form of insurance, and you’ll know you’ll come back to the same property as the one you left. Leaving a property unsecure from vandals and the elements is asking for trouble, so ensure your property is well protected with the services of a property preservation company.

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