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We offer access to some of the best property preservation training in the market. Property Preservation Training and Education should be at the forefront of the property preservation industry. Unfortunately that is one of the largest lacking things. We offer access to preservation education that is combined with several years of field experience, Vendor Management, and inspection experience. We are sure to have something for a budding contractor.

Property Preservation Training that Counts

Property Preservation Training and education

Our property preservation training and education approach is based on the real estate construction industry. While there are many people that have a belief that the property preservation industry is something other than a construction industry that is an incorrect assumption. Property Preservation is a construction trade and most states require licensing to perform “property preservation.”

Property Preservation Training that Counts
A lawn mower is all you need

You probably are not aware of the liability that you are incurring in the property preservation industry. We like to help the contractor be prepared for the unexpected. Level your playing field and understand the work you are getting into ahead of the headache. Some of these property preservation companies will tell you a lawn mower is all you need to get start. When you do not understand what you are getting into you need to reach out for guidance to make sure you are preparing yourself. Having worked with most of the national property preservation companies in existence we have some of the best insight on their business models and how it applies to an unknowing contractor.These property preservation companies are not all bad in fact some of their upper management contributes to a good labor relationship with the contractor it employs. However, there is a cesspool of bottom feeders that are not involved in their business, employ people who can be persuaded and refuse to pay for the work they order. The property preservation industry is a great place for a trained property preservation contractor to get their feet wet. Most of the property preservation industry contains lawn mowing plumbers and tree cutting electricians.

Why there is no property preservation training and…

What these companies do not tell you ahead of time opens a huge door of opportunity for back charges, and errors and omissions claims. The thing is that you started in this business probably as a lawn care or cleaning company and all of a sudden now you are a property preservation company. Messing around with mold, disturbing lead and walking around asbestos and no one told you that as a property preservation company you are no longer a lawn care or cleaning company. Now you are running around doing “bank work.” Educate your self on what “bank work” is.

Property Preservation can be a very good an profitable business with the right education. National companies like Mortgage Contracting Services, National Field Representatives, Safeguard Properties, and Servicelink make you an employee of their company and fail to 1) train you for the work you are completing 2) pay you a wage and not your invoice, and 3) Fail to protect you from known hazards. When you are an employee in a company you are entitled to a reasonable expectation to be safe. These companies circumvent your safety by placing the term independent contractor in the contract. That term only applies until the contract is signed. Proper training and licensing will help you pick up where these companies fell off. Not to mention most of these companies all have an M.O. to force work on a contractor.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to improper property preservation training. You and your insurance company will be the only 2 paying for the mistakes in the end. Chances are your insurance company will not be there to help you because most require a 2 year prior loss experience in trades related work in business. Therefore, if you complete something you are not properly insured for then you will be stuck paying out of your own pocket.  Read more about proper property preservation training.



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