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In this Property Preservation page we will discuss the reasons that you are made an employee in Property Preservation.

Property Preservation-do as I say not as I do mentality 

It is interesting the experiences a property preservation contractor goes through. You sign up as an independent contractor and BAM, next day you are employed. Literally. There used to be a time when a business set the rules for their operation and business model. As a property preservation contractor your hours are 24 and your days are 7.

Every house is a rush and every client is a priority. That sounds fine but when I attempted to reach some of these companies making a client a priority on Saturday because there was a roof leak and my work order tells me to call from site I don’t get an answer. I don’t get an answer on a weekend. But your scorecard will take a hit with good ol’ Mortgage Contracting Services, Servicelink and Safeguard tells you flat out weekends don’t exist.

The IRS sets Guidelines on the “independent contractor” claim

These companies tell you that you are an independent contractor but they require you to use a location tracking app that tells them your whereabouts. Safeguard Properties proprietary app PhotoDirect asks you each time you use it if you give Safeguard permission to track your location between working hours of 7-5. Who is in Property Preservation that gets off at 5 p.m.? Better yet if I am an independent contractor why do you need to know where I am at Mr. Klein?

Safeguard Properties Property Preservation Vendor App
Just one of Bob’s places. Hey, someone has to keep the lights on

The app further states that the location tracking is done to match you up to jobs in that area. There is another app that does this same thing that is designed for companies to improve productivity of their EMPLOYEES. They do this so they can maximize the “schedule” for the day. What happens when that schedule runs past 5 if I started at 7? Be leery of clicking no as it shuts off your location and then you have to call Safeguard Properties IT line to be told you have to have your location on for the “app” to work. This location serves no purpose if you are a company like Service Link. They require a mobile check in and id information on a completion submission. What’s more you use a mobile check in and if you miss the street sign they decline the whole job for a street sign when you already used a geo tagged app. Not to mention have you ever called into that romper room? Holy cow you will sit on hold an hour and be told you are not an employee and the wait times are something you are just going to have to deal with. Klein has all of these companies and cannot even get information to his contractors. What a mess.

If you think that property preservation does not create an employee relationship you may as well read the decision in Bowerman v. Field Asset Services

Mortgage Contracting Services Charges Employees for Use of App

Mortgage Contracting Services released information to its contractors that it would charge a small technology fee for the use of their mobile app. Mortgage Contracting Services is one of the most ridiculous companies in terms of mobile check-ins. The fact that you have to complete a mobile check in provides specific work instructions of a task that must be completed on that job. When you follow “work instructions” you create an employee relationship.

Mortgage Contracting Services Must Read Article
By the way is your office that big?

I have never seen a company quite like Mortgage Contracting Services full of young kids falling into a trap. Mortgage Contracting Services scores their “employees” on the use of the mobile app. Failure to use it dings your scorecard and penalizes the employee from future work for failing to line the pockets of the company even more. One would need to get further into the Concentric model to understand their needs to track their employees’ location. From a direct source it is to comply with Wells Fargo’s requirements. Wells Fargo is now running Mortgage Contracting Services and Mortgage Contracting Services is now running its employees into using their app and dinging a performance review for failure to use it.  Mortgage Contracting Services app is nothing more than a mobile check in that flips your location on and runs the clock.

Servicelink just sent its vendors an email this week telling vendors that if they fail to check in using Aspen Grove that they will refuse to pay for work. What difference does the background check matter when you OWE money for LABOR that you contracted in the 1st place. A background check has nothing to do with a debt. These companies need a smack in the face with reality. You rig a contract to put all the blame on a contractor and then turn around and tell your network that you will reserve the right to withhold payment. Wells Fargo is written all over that 518 memo. What I don’t understand is why the criminals still continue ask for a background check when they stole from people. Good Lord, the statement is as simple as this do unto others as you would want done unto you. The good ol’ scratch my back and I will scratch yours must stay at the top of the totem pole of kickbacks.

Servicelink Application
ServiceLink working on new landscape with a little help from my friends

If you are thinking about joining the zoo of property preservation do yourself a favor and read Why you will fail in property preservation?

Get serious guys if you want to do property preservation right set your rules, set your prices and stop working for companies that MAKE YOU sweat for your money.


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