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How to get started in Safeguard Property Preservation?

If you ever wanted to get into safeguard properties property preservation this is the video you need to watch right now. Safeguard Properties Training is available FREE right here today just by watching this video. This training applies to all property preservation companies. As he correctly states you need to cut back your service slowly. Most of these companies have some sort of clause in their illegal contracts that says they will withhold your money for a period of 60 days. This is done to intimidate you as a property preservation contractor. This intimidation method is done in order to make detrimental financial impacts in order to keep you in the madness of thievery. All of these tactics are illegal and are a direct indication of exactly what Safeguard Properties, Mortgage Contracting Services, and ServiceLink. These companies are so full of scum. Listen to where this individual steps up and says they take your life. They run a shit ton of work down your throat demand it is done and then jump on the 1st robbery they can when no one’s looking. What kind of companies support that kind of illegal and abusive methods of doing business? Property Preservation Companies that’s who. What’s more?

Safeguard Properties Ripoff Report
Safeguard Properties can be found lurking ripoff report

Safeguard Properties runs Property Preservation into the ground…

The government supports property preservation theft. How so? They allow Federal Contracts to be passed on to illegal companies that are operating without proper insurance, without proper licensing and without proper registrations to work on federally insured homes. How long do these companies, these banks, and the government think they are going to continue to rip off contractors? Honest people that went to work and did their job and got screwed. Why is the fuckery always in favor of the “client?” Because it appears that doing so is the means to getting the federal contract. The ability to support thievery in property preservation. The videos, the posts, the social media has grown and more and more contractors are speaking out to the bullshit that our government allows with these companies. The reality is that the government is forcing poverty in this business. I personally know of contractors that have lost their entire house and family to the property preservation process waiting for that check that is in the mail. I would like to know what the Inspector General does all day when he isn’t investigating corporate greed. It seems to reason that the government should be on the up and up but if you listen to Drew here in his video he is stating that Safeguard Properties is guilty of the False Claims Act.

Just think about this for a second if you work in property preservation? or if you work for Safeguard Properties

Why is it that you can’t be paid “because the photos don’t support the work, but yet you can be charged back when the photos show the work was completed?” It’s called property preservation.The most clear as mud process to ripping off labor. I could spend a week linking to sites where Safeguard Properties is complained about and a lifetime linking to ones where contractors have complained about being ripped off by Safeguard Properties failed to pay.

Any contractor considering how to start a property preservation business needs to ask themselves the following:

Are you willing to Sign an illegal contract to work in property preservation?

How much money do you have right now to invest in property preservation?

Is your answer to question 2 at least

Payroll for myself and my employees for 2 months

Work Comp Insurance for myself and my property preservation employees for 2 months

Errors and Omissions insurance for the next 2 months

General Liability Insurance for the next 2 months

Gas money for the next 2 months – This is important because MCS will send your ass 100 miles a way for $18 so they can suck their clients ass on a set of photos. (Our Property Preservation gas budget was $700 weekly so here you need $5600 for 2 months.

Do you have money for property preservation supplies locks, lock boxes (You will give these away to these companies, Hud pays twice what most of the greed mongers do), Dehumidifiers, Shingles, Plywood, Siding stuff like that?

Do you have the money to pay for the banks dump fees? The people that own the house… do you have the money to cover their bills?

Do you have the money to buy the equipment? If you work for Wells Fargo your ass better be ready to rebuild the house for them on the spot or get a backcharge for them sending someone else out there to do it.

Do you have money to feed your family for the next few months, enough groceries, your bills are paid up for the next 8 weeks or so?

Do you have money to maintain your vehicle? To replace parts as needed to avoid a chargeback?

Can you play the answer the question days and weeks later game? The can you send me a during picture game?

Do you have the money to make sure the nationals company is making their payroll? That their employees are paid weekly?

That is your how to start a property preservation guide. Right here and free today.

Do yourself a favor and play Drew’s video @ 6:20 and you will see the real deal.

You should be asking yourself how you can yourself out of the property preservation this year.

Don’t fool yourself either. Safeguard Properties is not the only offender in the property preservation robbery market. Safeguard Properties is probably the most noticeable as Robert Klein’s greed doesn’t stop at ripping off labor and he now owns 3 business related to property preservation.

You should also know this about your property preservation contract. The only time that this applies is when it suits Safeguard Properties, Mortgage Contracting Services, National Field Representatives, National Field Network, ServiceLink, and more. A contract is only as good as the company that presents it. So in other words, your signing a deal with the devil. Contracts are null once they are broken, in all property preservation cases this does not take long to achieve. Usually, you are a direct employee once you are told how much to charge for your time.

Are you willing to Sign an illegal contract to work in property preservation?

The only thing you need to know about Safeguard Properties is that you need to Safeguard your money!



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