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Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Worth of Foreclosures and trashouts Still to Come JPMorgan Chase has $43 and a half billion of them. Bank of America has $54.6 billion of them. Wells Fargo? Well, they’ve got $68.6 billion, while Citibank has $25.6 billion. We are talking about homes in foreclosure or past due mortgages that will need trashouts.

Perform Trashouts all over the Country for Much Needed Cash


The banks still have hundreds of billions of dollars worth of homes somewhere in the foreclosure process – which means an incredible amount of work still to come for all property preservation and foreclosure trashout companies.  With the peak of the foreclosure crisis still not at hand (September of last year saw yet another monthly record shattered with over 100,000 new foreclosures), neighborhoods all across America are desperately in need of property preservation contractors. Look no further than trashouts as a way to generate some much-needed cash.

Property Preservation is a Fast Growing Business Opportunity you can Learn Here

One of the real growth industries out there, property preservation (cleaning, repairing and maintaining of foreclosed homes) continues to be the biggest foreclosure business opportunity around.  Way more profitable than flipping houses if done right. What happens when property preservation isn’t promptly performed on vacant homes? Well, in Lynn, Massachusetts, you end up paying $30,000 for rat control. They’ve had a number of the four-legged rodents in recent months – and the city pretty much knows why.  In Wyoming, they’ve got even more animals to deal with when it comes to foreclosures – raccoons and other animals also tend to make their homes there. In Chicago One unit in the building has been in foreclosure for two years – the former owner passed away awhile ago and the rest of the residents have been forced to deal with the aftermath. For the past two years, the  association has had to pay to keep the heat and water running in the empty unit, so the pipes didn’t burst. In spite of that expense and effort, a pipe broke. Mold ended up covering the floor, part of the kitchen and a lot of the basement – where a giant mushroom farm took hold in the carpet. “I only got half-way down the stairs to the basement, when I had to stop,” Matt Duffey, one of the building’s residents, said. “I was blown back by the stench of mildew.” America, there’s a lot of cleaning up to do. And property preservation contractors are ready to get it done. Learn How to Start a Successful Property Preservation Business By Clicking Here andStart Trashouts Now!

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